Making time for a writing practice

Writers need a writing practice to feed their passion, improve their craft, inspire their work and feel fulfilled. For me, a day without writing is a wasted day, a lost day. Pen must touch page and fingers must dance across  keyboard, for me to feel satisfied and for my heart to sigh, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

 My writing practice does not comprise a rigid regimen because the structure of my days may vary. Nevertheless, since I must write to feel whole, complete and full, I spread writing throughout my day.

A morning journaling session wakes up my passion but since some days, I must hurry to the kitchen for an early start with some chore, journaling may get pushed to mid-morning. On the days when I can linger in bed, I enjoy writing in my journal, while propped up on pillows.

A couple of two-hour chunks of time somewhere during the day, allow me to make significant deposits towards my works in progress and I may spend that time at my desk. Or, I am work at the kitchen table, while pots are simmering on the stove and/or clothes are tumbling in the washer.

Regardless how my day configures my writing, I ensure that I get at least three to four hours of writing time at night.

Deep down I wish I had endless days of uninterrupted hours to write, but I’ve learned to weave writing and living, so that I get to enjoy the best of both worlds and use each to enhance and inspire the other.

Do you make time for a vibrant and productive writing practice? How do you incorporate a writing practice into your life or weave your life into your writing practice?


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