What is your "writing is like…" story?


Mridu Khullar-Relph tells my story, except for the part about the dog. For me, writing is like tidying the house and preparing everything for the day’s meals. I don’t go to bed, leaving my home in disarray and I usually have a week’s worth of meals planned, written and stuck to the fridge. Yet, my OCD tendencies demand that I get out of bed and hit the ground running.
Like Mridu, if I try to write without doing those things, they stare at me, prod me, cajole me and disturb me until I get off my butt and get them done. If I make my way through the chores and hit the shower, I’m always in a much better place – creatively and productively to accomplish my writing goals.
Alright. Enough about me. Read Mridu’s blog post Writing is like walking the dog, Replace her “…walking the dog” with your own words – that habit, chore, activity that once done, it sets you up to get to your writing.
Please come back here and leave a comment. I’d love to hear your Writing is like… story.

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