Don’t let rejections stop you

As writers we sometimes (or maybe often) get impatient, discouraged and stuck, when our writing goals and big publishing dreams don’t materialize in the time frame, we’ve set for ourselves. While we shouldn’t take rejections personally, neither should we take them lightly. We should seize every rejection opportunity to polish our prose and resubmit them again, and again, and again,… For if we allow rejections to stall and paralyze us, our writing will not live to reach and impact readers, who may be waiting to read it.

Rejection is an integral part of a writer’s life. It is part of the foundation upon which we grow a thick skin to cover our tender hearts and safeguard our grand dream. Under the cloak of that thick skin, our passion continues to glow.

One way to encourage ourselves and pump up our determination to keep working, improving our writing and maintaining our vision is to read about famous writers who traveled the long road to publication. Read Michelle Kern’s two-part list of authors who received multiple rejections before hitting it big and leaving the rejectors kicking themselves.

Where are you on your writing journey – an aspiring writer, yet to take the plunge into the daily rigor and pleasure of the writing life – a novice treading the early miles of the long and uncertain journey – a long-suffering and hard-working writer, anguishing over the piling rejections?

Take heart. You’re in good company. Continue writing. Write with passion. Work to achieve your daily goals. Keep the vision of your publishing success vibrant. Fan the flames of your passion by writing for fun and reading books that both inform and inspire you.


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