Writing is my AAAHHH

Time changes. Seasons change. We change. But not only on or just beneath the surface. We change deep down inside. Sometimes, we don’t realize the moment or the nature of the change, until it bubbles up and spills over into our daily lives – affecting our relationships, how we think, how we act and what we want.

Often, it seems that just as we’ve become accustomed to who we think we are and what we want, we sense a tingle on the inside – a niggling discomfort with ourselves, our lives and even the dreams we hold or are pursuing.

At least, that’s the story of my life. What do I do? How have I managed to come this far and remain relatively sane? I take the tingling and niggling discomfort seriously. I listen to my heart. I process it all in my journal.

Writing has always saved me from myself and everything around me, when negativity threatened to invade and control me and steer me down a dangerous and painful path. Writing continues hold me in a quiet and peaceful place when all hell breaks through in my life and emotions rise, collide and confuse.

Writing is my AAAAHHHHH.

What does writing do for you when seasons of change turn your life topsy turvy?


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