3am Ideas

Topic ideas come calling around 3am, while I am huddled under the covers. I write a full article in my head because I don’t want to reach for the notebook and pen on my bedside table. Confident that I won’t forget, I slip back into sleep.
By the time I drag myself out of bed, the idea and the article are MIA. I throw myself into my morning chores, hoping that at least the idea would return. Sometimes I get a whiff of it later in the day but it is usually so fleeting, I fail to grab it. It might take a week or two before my mind regurgitates the idea and other bits and pieces and it may lack the same excitement it stirred under the covers.
An idea came calling this morning. I did not capture it in my notebook. It’s gone and I am hoping it will return because it was a great idea – I think.


2 thoughts on “3am Ideas

  1. I hope your ideas return … That's happened to me, and there are times when the idea just needs to simmer and take a good shape as I go about my day, quietly working itself out in my mind.


  2. Hi Joanne,

    At one time, I would get frustrated as I racked my brain to remember. No more. I do like you, I go about my day, sinking my time and energy into other projects until, as you say, it quietly works itself out in my mind.

    About two hours ago, I got a few crumbs and I'm in the process of developing them.


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