Hoping and working towards a productive week: writing, drawing, and reading and being mindful through them all.


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  1. You see, many moons ago, Iy began scribbling and drawing. My husband who is an artist,(he did all the paintings hanging in our home)and taught art at upper high school level, told me that I have talent I believed him.

    I made a start some years ago, traveled a short distance and the interest got lost in the muddle of life.

    I've been meaning to restart my art adventure for a long, long, long time. Always talking, buying bits and pieces of supplies, starting, not reaching very far and stuffing everything in a cupboard, declaring that I don't have time.

    It's time to stop that.

    I've set up an art center at a desk in the living room. I am meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow, so Thursday, I begin to doodle and draw, working my way up to the watercolor techniques.


  2. Kudos to you, for not letting go of that passion through the busy times in life. How nice to come to it now, as though now is its destined time. Happy drawing 🙂


  3. I let go of the perfection and the obsession to head straight to the watercolor. Instead, I thought it best to begin slowly, easily, simply – sketch pad and pencil. Paints can come later.


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