What is writing?

Writing is so much more than our words and whatever tools and medium we use to capture and record them. It is a combination of the desire to write from our hearts, the persistence against external odds, the determination despite our internal demons and the passion that tunnels through the practice and process to make the dream a living reality that impacts and transforms the lives of our readers.

What is your answer to the question, What is writing?   

2 thoughts on “What is writing?

  1. My first thought is that it's a connection, through mere symbols we put on the page. They link our thoughts and feelings with anyone who ventures upon the words and crosses the bridge with their reading. Connection.


  2. Joanne,

    You're spot-on with your writing. Yours come from your heart and reflect your passion for the choice life. So naturally, your words connect with me, link to my heart and inspire me to live my choice life with joy and passion.


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