Advice from Author, Dani Shapiro

Asked what tips or advice she had for writers still looking to be discovered? Dani Shapiro’s reply applies to writers across the board.

“Be true to yourself. Do the work that matters to you, and don’t think for a single second about the marketplace and what publishers might or might not be looking for. I once had a student who studied the bestseller list and tried to write a best seller. The work was awful. Once she turned to what truly mattered to her, she wrote a lovely first novel that was published and published well. Self-consciousness is the enemy of the writer.”

Books by Dani Shapiro: 
Playing with Fire, Fugitive Blue, Picturing the Wreak, Slow Motion,
Family History: A Novel, Black and White and her latest –
Devotion: a memoir 


2 thoughts on “Advice from Author, Dani Shapiro

  1. Wow, I can't believe you mentioned this memoir, Devotion as I am reading it now and really finding it enjoyable. Another writer recommended it highly.

    Shapiro's spiritual “background” is Jewish, and mine is not. Yet her crisis of faith and yearning to find God resonate with me deeply. A great read — and your quote from her is excellent.


  2. Hi Cindy,

    I haven't received my copy yet and I'm so looking forward to diving in as soon as it arrives.

    This quotation resonated with me and I believe that many parts of her memoir will will too.

    Continue to enjoy it.


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