One Word – Old

I came across the following post at Writing Time and knew immediately that it was perfect for my One Word Series even though it hinged on four words – you’re never too old.  Since I wanted to honor the title of the series I used just one word – “old” for the title. 
Read Barbara Abercrombie’s post – a story about a brave woman, who did not allow old age to frighten her, paralyze her or keep her back.  
Antidote for Age Angst
  99 yr old poet
Maybe you’re sitting around right now feeling old.  Too old to begin a writing career, or too old to try a second book or a tenth, or too old to start writing essays or poems – you’re feeling over the hill. Maybe you’ve lost heart for this whole enterprise.
Here’s a story to help you snap out of your angst. Toyo Shibata started writing poetry at age 92 (before she had danced traditional Japanese dances as a hobby but her back gave out). She sent one of her poems to a newspaper and they published it, so she sent them another one. Eventually, when she was 99, she self-published a collection of her poems.  Her book, Don’t Be Too Frustrated became a surprise best seller in Japan and right now 1.5 million copies are in print.  Her second book will be published on her 100th birthday. 

I think of various things: memories of my past and my family, my current life. I immerse myself in those memories and write from them.” – Toyo Shibata (Reuters, 1/25/11

We are never too old to be what we want to be or do what we want to do. So, if you were to stop using the “I’m too old” excuse, what would you dare to do? 

2 thoughts on “One Word – Old

  1. Thank a bunch for this… I am an author and I was limiting my time for writing to age 65… You have spoken to me by giving me confirmation that you are never to old to do anything…


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