One Word – Discontentment

Conditioned by the right-now mentality, in-your-face advertising, high-tech, do-it-all with one click and get-it-all from one place, we readily believe that if we had just one more thing, the latest model or the hottest trend, we would be content.

Happily, Some of us are getting it. Sadly, some of us are not.

Bigger, better, faster, more – they do not guarantee contentment.

It’s time for a shift to take place – a shift that focuses on –

* the beauty in simplicity
* the wisdom in the old, the tried and the true 
* the pride in courtesy, sincerity and compassion
When we begin there, we see the bigger, the better, the faster, the more, for all that they are – the good, the bad and the ugly. And we can make a better, wiser decision about what they can add to our lives and if we really need them to be content.  

2 thoughts on “One Word – Discontentment

  1. I like simplicity. Give me a long walk, a song on the stereo, a delicious meal, good conversation. Simplicity, and yet the way they reach our heart, there's a feeling of a certain beauty at work.


  2. Joanne,

    Soft music, oldies like those on Rod Stewart's Great American Song Book 5 Cd's calms me and sets every anxious thought to rest as sing along with him. Precious time on my front porch or lounging in bed with my me-time basket (books, journal, E-Reader and Netbook) with coffee or tea is the ultimate simple moments. I've learned to cook mindfully, which is best achieved when I am alone. It is not only a practice in simplicity and mindfulness but a labor or love for my husband and son and it gives me joy.

    Sometimes, we are tempted to think (and some do believe) that pursuing a simple life involves untold sacrifices and “doing without” some of our favorite things.

    The truth is that simplicity begins first with a mindset, which we can cultivate over time.

    Little by little we grow to understand and incorporate the practices that ensure our lifestyle aligns with the simple-living mindset we have adopted.

    If there are things and activities we must weed from our lives to honor our decision to live simply, we weed them out joyfully. The sacrifice, if any, is minimal.

    I've discovered though, that the truly significant part of living a simple life, is not the giving up of the big things, the modern things, the trendy things. Rather, it is the rediscovering of the beauty and the pleasure in the small things, the common things, the simple things.

    When we open our hearts to it, simplicity brings its “certain beauty” and finds a welcoming home within.


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