One Word Series

The idea for a series of posts, each focusing on one word that impacts our lives negatively and positively, eased into my mind in the dark of the pre-dawn hours.
They will be short and random, just like the circumstances that stir them in the first place and leave us to deal with them after they (the circumstances) dissipate. 
So I invite you to look out for them and share you own thoughts and experiences with the words I’ll write about in the One Word Series. 

2 thoughts on “One Word Series

  1. Cheryl,I find the one word concept extremely powerful. One word perspective is clear, concise and easily understood by even a toddler or family pet. Go, come, yes, open, close, decide, end, start. I look forward to be moved by the “one word” posts.

    Your Friend,


  2. Kaylus,

    I too look forward to them. I believe this project will lead me to new insights into my own heart stories with the words and strings of inspiration for my own life and my writing.

    It will be wonderful if you visit and add your thoughts here in the comments.


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