This week’s to-do list

My to-do list for this week is not long but the few items on it are comprehensive and interesting. I anticipate a productive week, pregnant with butt-in-chair time late into the night, low in procrastination, high in enthusiasm and with some celebration on Friday night (no writing).
What does your to-do list look like?

2 thoughts on “This week’s to-do list

  1. Don't you love an effective to-do list, and the time to-do it all? Mine has a newspaper submission, blog posts to be written, an interview to conduct and edit, querying, and begin a revision. Bring it on 🙂


  2. Well Joanne,

    It looks like you're rearing to go with lots to do. Here's to a productive week with lots of ticks on your to-do list.

    This is how mine looks now:

    Submit article for weekly column: TICK

    Write 3 articles for 3 new magazines. (Keeping my fingers crossed that they really take off because that'll mean 3 regular columns for me):

    Write and submit a personal essay on the writing life to Writer's Digest –


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