It’s 2011. Come on, let’s go!

It’s here. It’s really here. And what a huge gratitude we owe God for bringing us into 2011.

Sure we may have had no choice but to bring along some last year’s baggage (heavy/light/unresolved) but we are also happy to have great experiences, inspiring lessons, wonderful memories, loving family, loyal friends, accomplishments big and small and passions to warm our hearts.

And here we are, with another chance to live, to love, to work, to learn, to grow, to teach, to serve, to achieve goals and pursue dreams.

 The road stretches before us with 365 days. We don’t know what awaits us along the way but that is what makes life an adventure. Some days, the way ahead may be foggy, even dark but with faith in God, a prayer on our lips and the will to make it through, we can keep taking one step at a time – cautiously yet confidently.

So, come on! We have things to do, places to go and people to see. And the bonus? We can travel together, sharing our joys and dividing our sorrows.

Happy New Year.


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