Thoughts on staying true at Christmas time

Although I love the Christmas hustle and bustle in the mall, I still think that the best time to go to the mall is when it opens at 10am. It’s so quiet; I want to hang out there right up to the time when it is fully awake and throbbing with people, noise and activity. While it still sleeps, I like to stroll the aisles and take in the details I could miss when it is crowded and noisy.

This preference is obviously a reflection and an extension of my personality and my love of and quest for silence, solitude, simplicity and mindfulness.

Christmas is one of those seasons that seem to send people into a tailspin of excesses and uncharacteristic behaviour – some good and others, not so good. In fact some pretty wild, wacky and wicked things take place under the guise of having the Christmas Fever and a rollicking a good time.

I believe that the essence of who we are, our belief and value systems, what we enjoy and what we love should be strong enough to thwart attempts to lure us into the excesses and abandonment of good sense, decency and rationality, that passes today for Christmas celebration and merriment.  

Like most instances in life, we should stay true to who we are and what we believe and embrace our freedom to choose what we will accept and practice and refuse to be inveigled, prodded, forced or shamed into joining the crowd in their wild abandon. 

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