Oh oh oh, it’s magic!

I’m not superstitious but there’s magic in the arm chair in my living room. My muse lives there.

Sometimes assignments I was excited about initially or a topic I felt passionate about for my weekly column, begins to feel like the proverbial albatross around my neck. Sometimes too, I want to run away from home, my computer, deadlines and the compulsion to write.

However, I’ve discovered that a few minutes in that magical arm chair, with my notebook and pen, words come forth without effort. Really they do. It’s uncanny. Almost unbelievable. Of course I still have to do the usual writerly work – transcribing to my computer, re-reading, editing and so on.

Strangely, it seems the magic is not constant. So I can’t bank on going there every day or several times a week and expect writing magic. It seems to work best without a plan. I must be open and spontaneous.

My little writing space, in an alcove in my bedroom used to be the place where writing magic happened. But obviously, the magic has migrated and I suppose, if I want it, I have to listen for the silent prompt to go there, in my armchair, sit with pen poised over the page in my notebook and be ready to write.

Don’t get me wrong. The writing life isn’t always honky-dory, easy and magical. Writing is work, hard work: long hours, writer’s block, self-doubt, fear, re-reading, re-writing – the whole shebang. Oh yes, and it is fun too. But ever so often, it’s just too darn tense and intense. That’s when a little magic helps to spark a new idea, clarify a foggy one and get the work done.

Is there a special place where your muse hangs out or resides? Do you have a place that houses creative underpinnings, where by some wonderful and inexplicable magic, gush out.


2 thoughts on “Oh oh oh, it’s magic!

  1. For me, the magic happens on a walk. It seems whenever I have any issue at all with writing, it gets thought out and talked out on a walk, usually with my daughters. By the time I return to the keyboard, words are flowing again.


  2. Joanne: Ah yes – your daughters – your support system – your sounding board – your muses – your magic. I've heard that walking helps to clear mental and emotional fogs. Now I know that there is magic in the steps and the scenery.


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