That’s life.

Oops! 12 days since my last post. Has it really been that long?

Life is such that our grand dreams and lofty goals don’t always move along a smooth path of disciplined activity and high productivity. Sometimes, life demands that we just live it as it comes and often that means turning down the volume of the drum beats we are dancing to and setting the fire of our passions at a low flame.

Whenever that happens, we might feel lost, frustrated, guilty and ashamed but we shouldn’t. Life is what it is – uncertain, unpredictable, loaded with twists and turns and maddening interruptions. But that’s what makes it interesting and adventurous. Moreover, it makes for great stories that have the potential to feed and inspire our creativity, our goals, our dreams and our passions.

It isn’t always easy to get off one path to traverse another, to shuffle the components of our dreams, set them  aside or put them on the back burner.  However, I am learning to not kick and scream at every call to pause or stop. I am learning to not dig in my heels at every detour sign. After all, often, they push me to be spontaneous, even if it means I must veer off my desired and planned course to explore the detour, enjoy the scenery, learn something new about life and discover that with God’s help, I can bend with the winds of change and yet feel at peace, grateful and joyful.

That’s life.

What philosophy guides how you deal with the unexpected “that’s life” moments that call and sometimes demands that you pull the brake on your desired and planned path?  


2 thoughts on “That’s life.

  1. Hi there Cindy,

    I've been a bit overwhelmed with a new daily schedule and still stumbling as I try to live and write around it. But getting there slowly.

    I'm still here, not far except [probably in my mind – off dreaming of less structured days.

    Thanks for visiting, commenting and leaving good wishes. Truly appreciate it.

    P.S. Congratulations on the Royal Oak Patch project.


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