An evening prayer

From Rita Snowden’s – A Woman’s Book of Prayers

O Father, your nearness can transform the lowliest task and the loneliest hour.
Forgive me, if today I have failed to choose your way and to do your will.
Forgive me, if I have behaved very much like everybody else where things were a little awkward.
Forgive me, if I have been too rushed to show concern for the needs of others.
Forgive me if anything I have failed in in this day embarrasses me now, and brings excuses to my lips.

You have filled this earthly life I share with wonderful opportunities to know:
The satisfaction of good workmanship;
The delights of family life;
The clean joy of physical fitness;
The challenge of new ideas;
The happiness of good company;
The beauty of music and song;
The inwardness of spiritual reality.

Let me not hold back for fear of the cost of your way of life or for want of trust in your love and care. Now and ever.

Blessings to you this evening.


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