Who are you, really?

You need to be taken out of your comfort zone in order to really show who you really are rather than this other version that you’re selling to people for a while.” ~Kim Cheshire. 
How is the real you different from the version you’ve been selling to people? What steps can you take/have you taken/are taking to leave your comfort zone and reveal who you really are? 

4 thoughts on “Who are you, really?

  1. I think the real me shows itself in themes. For instance, my blog is an extension of my fiction manuscript theme, where a character struggles with living the life she really wants to. The themes of those two works, in turn, can be a mirror to my own attempts to live the writing life. And my memoir manuscript reveals much more of me through the decision to incorporate music throughout the story. I use music as the lens for the reader to look through. So it's all subtle, but it's there. Great question, Cheryl. I have a similar post going up on Wednesday, and you've got me thinking already.


  2. Cindy,

    A lifelong journey indeed. Many times along the way, when we think we have found our authentic place, we discover that we are still embroiled in battles with the pull of conformity and other people's expectations.

    Still we must keep on the path to an authentic life.


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