When an old passion bubbles

This past week there has been a rumbling in my heart that has made its way to the surface. Guess what bubbled to the service? My old passion, interior design and it is itching to be scratched.

So I pulled out my file from a box in the closet and began paging through, looking for a project or two that I can sink my limited funds into, enjoy the process and savor the result. In between babysitting and writing and regular household chores, I keep an eye on HGTV for sparks of inspiration.

So far, this is what’s on the list:
– Refresh exterior paint.
– Dress up the corner off the entry with plants in terracotta pots.
– Refresh paint on living room walls – well actually, just one wall needs some love.
– Undertake a massive de-cluttering exercise in the kitchen.
– Re-decorate the master bedroom – new bedding, curtains and accessories.

Do you have an old interest, hobby or passion that tends to bubble up in your heart, every now and then? I’d love to know what it is and how you treat with it.


4 thoughts on “When an old passion bubbles

  1. As you know, photography and music are passions that bubble up and find their way into my writing, too. I'm actually doing a post on this doubling-up next week. I love combining interests like that, and feel that I gain an even deeper appreciation of the photography and music by looking at them through the lens of my words.


  2. Joanne,

    Often I tell myself that I've left interior design behind, that it was a channel to my writing self.

    But then, for no apparent reason, the bubbling begins, the itch breaks out and there is no containing or soothing it except with a prolonged period of decorating projects fueled by daily doses of HGTV and rummaging through my decorating file.


    For a long time though, I been noticing how every foray into this old (not dead) passion inspires my writing – generating ideas that feed off decorating themes, improving the process with a re-organized space and enhancing productivity because I thrive in a well-organized and comfortable environment.

    I like your term, “doubling-up”. It captures the true essence of combining our passions – old and new, intense and light – to bring our creativity to the fore and boost our choice lives.


  3. Hi Terri,

    Don't you worry, the passion(s) will bubble again. Maybe when you don't have the time, the money or the energy. Nevertheless, since they cannot be dismissed, you will find a way to scratch the itch and enjoy them even if for a short while.


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