I love books

The world community is becoming more global every day and the strides in writing and publishing affects me in more ways than one – self-publishing, e-books, ezines and the like. 

Yet I remain in love with and faithful to books, magazine and newspapers in print. Call me old and stagnant if you like but I love the smell of the printed page. I am in a state of bliss holding a book in my hands, collecting and writing in my journals and writing letters on beautiful stationary. 

They line the meager shelves above my desk, are within arms reach from my pillow, sit on a desk next to my favorite chair in the living room, wait in my reading basket for an evening on my front porch and tumble over one another on my writing desk. See some evidence in the photos below. 

Above my desk

My bedside table

My reading basket

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy all the benefits of my desktop, laptop and Netbook computers offer, along with my E-Reader. And I feel lost without them.  

I hope I never have to choose, but I’d opt for a printed book any day. 


10 thoughts on “I love books

  1. I'm with you all the way on this Cheryl. I think the art of writing and reading – I mean reading quality stuff, not of the text or entertainment kind – has been somewhat lost. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down in a comfortable, cushy chair or sofa or bed and opening a book and just getting lost in the words. I'm a born reader and so is my husband. Every nook and cranny in our home is filled with books. Filled. So I truly understand where you are coming from…..


  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I often say that if I stand anywhere in my house for too long, my husband will leave a book on my head. No visa versa though, I have specific places where I keep my books – as you would have read in the post and seen in the photos.

    So nice of you to visit and leave a comment. Take care.


  3. I must've missed this post earlier, Cheryl. I hope I never have to choose, too, and that one form of book does not replace another. There's room for all types, and it's nice to have the variety of reading capabilities.


  4. Joanne,

    “…one form of book does not replace another. There's room for all types, and it's nice to have the variety of reading capabilities.”

    I told a friend on Facebook that I am enjoying the best of all worlds.


  5. I'm right there with you, Cheryl, and I am always glad to see other writers standing up for the printed word. With that in mind, I am hosting a community-wide event at my library. As writer-in-residence, I have invited everyone who has published a book (and is a resident of our town) to be on a panel of authors to discuss the future of publishing, and to sell copies of their books afterwards. We will have refreshments and invite everyone in town to celebrate the printed book and hometown authors! Long live the book! Thank you for this post.


  6. Cheryl,
    I'm with you too. I rue the day that held-in-hand bound books disappear. My heart will break. So we are old fashioned and stodgy together. I don't care. We are good companions.

    I loved seeing the books all around your home. Mine is the same way. Books in every room. Used as decor, in a neat pile with a candle or small plant on top. Shelves full. Stacks, neat, mind you, but there.

    As I child, the first time I walked into a library and spied all the books, I knew I was home….home in my castle. xo


  7. Jan,

    It's not just me.

    I wouldn't post a photo without his permission and I am sure he wouldn't want me to. You should see my husband's library – two walls, floor to ceiling shelves and the space above his desk, overflowing with books.

    My parents were voracious readers and mother was worse than my father. I grew up with books around our house and seeing them sitting in the living room reading. What a legacy!


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