Birthday promises

Since in my mid-thirties, many of my birthdays have been tagged to significant goals to pursue and/or to some milestone achievement. This year, I share with you my birthday promises to myself.
  1. Inspired by the lush growth of the three herbs in one large pot that graces the corner just outside my front door, I am going to step up the pace and expand by buying several more pots and a trough to grow more herbs.
  2. I’ve held a long and relatively quiet interest in photography. I don’t want to be a hindsight photographer anymore. The days of “If I had my camera….” are over. I will keep my camera in my handbag. 
  3. With close to 200 written for my weekly column since September 2006 (a major life goal pursued and achieved), the time is ripe for a book compilation. I’m done with false starts. I created a blog (not for publication yet) to track my progress. All pieces are in a computer folder to be edited/ re-slanted/re-written which I plan to begin next Monday, September 27th. The ultimate deadline for completion? August/September 2011. The goal at this time is not publication but the process and the accomplishment of a dream tied to my childhood. 


2 thoughts on “Birthday promises

  1. What a nice idea, birthday promises. I think you'll enjoy having your camera handy. I always keep mine in my purse, and just knowing it's there opens my eye to the beauty and whimsy of everyday life calling out for a photo, which later appears on the blog. And good luck on the book compilation … what an exciting project to be immersed … Somehow it seems like there's a memoir type book simply in that compilation process, too, all tied to your childhood dreams. Keep us posted!


  2. Actually, you're the inspiration make good on my interest in photography.

    Yes, I was thinking that the compilation could incorporate a memoir – linking each topic to incidents in my own life.

    Sure I'll keep you posted. That's why I created the blog. It'll be a record of my progress and will eventually start publishing my updates.


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