Reading as a gift

Page After Page by Heather Sellers has been sitting on my bookshelf since October 2008. I pulled it off the shelf along with a bookmark from my collection. Reading it is a gift to myself to inspire my writing and improve my practice and process.

What are you reading to inspire and improve your writing?


4 thoughts on “Reading as a gift

  1. Hi Cheryl, I'm actually at that rare place where I'm between books and not reading any at the moment. I'm waiting for a few to arrive, but in the meantime, I'm turning to my photographs for writing inspiration, and am writing my next few blog posts. Photographs always tell some story for me, somewhere in their detail, or perspective. Hope all is well with you, and the writing is spilling onto the page 🙂


  2. Hey Joanne,

    Missing you mucho mucho and hope your hiatus is all you wanted it to be and more.

    Ah, you and your photographs! I can see how you are inspired by them.

    I am very uncomfortable when I am in that “in between place”. That's why I usually buy two or three books at a time. There is always an unread book on my shelf or next to my bed.

    Have a blissful day and I look forward to your return at Whole Latte Life.


  3. Funny you mention this book. It's also one of my favorite writing resources. We were honored in Detroit when Heather Sellers judged our Detroit Working Writers spring readings competition. She is a wise teacher — glad you enjoy her work too!


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