6 ways to romance our dreams

Romance on a continuing basis is one of the key ingredients for keeping love and dreams alive, fresh, adventurous and passionate.

Lovers bloom in response to gestures of love that keep them alive and their passions enflamed. And it is easy to romance our dreams, when we apply some of the same romantic gestures that lovers use to keep their relationships fresh, adventurous and passionate.

Let us look at six ways to romance our dreams.

1. Daydream. The glazed eyes, the far-away look, the oblivion to one’s surroundings and the robotic performance of everyday duties are some of the evidences of a person in love.

When our hearts are on the brink of bursting with love, we become engrossed with the vision of ourselves with our loved one with us, in the future and all that may entail. The vision is so clear and so real that we can sense the warmth of the all-consuming love between us.

Our dreams thrive on our daydreams about achieving and living them. We must see ourselves living in its realization and we must keep daydreaming, changing the scene, to see and enjoy every possible angle.
What does your dream look like? When last did you get lost in a daydream?  

2. Whisper sweet somethings. A lover might whisper but he must say something sweet and positive because negative words will not foster comfort and trust. They will achieve the opposite. They will drive away the object of our affection.

Dreams do not respond well to “sweet nothings,” but they beam at words that ring of our dedication, persistence and passion to pursue them to the ultimate end.

“I really want to do this.” “It is my heart’s deepest desire.” “I am passionate about this.” “I am saving for the day when I can throw my full time, energy and attention to this endeavor.” People say that it is not possible but by God’s grace I know I can do it.” “I want this so badly, I can taste it.”

What “sweet somethings” can you whisper to romance your dream?

3. Renew your vows. Whether it is the vow to return after a time of absence, the vow to never smother, the vow to be always honest, the vow to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, … renewing our vows at regular intervals, to the ones we love, assures them of our undying devotion. 

When we renew our vows to hold and pursue our dreams, we re-commit not only to the work involved but we also re-commit to keeping the passion alive.

Do you regularly renew the vows you made to nurture and pursue your dream? If you’ve never made a vow, do so today and renew them on a regular basis.

4. Pamper with silly little gifts. “Silly little gifts” is only an expression. Any gift a lover receives is precious and priceless in his or her eyes. It might hold particular significance when it caters to a fetish, a sweet tooth, a collection, an obsession or some other interest.

So what kinds of “silly little gifts” pamper a dream? The following examples may help spark some ideas:

(a) Artist: paint and brushes, a biography of your favorite artist, a book about techniques using your preferred medium….

(b) Business owner: reference books, a business seminar, a subscription to a related magazine, website or blog, making sample products, offering a few free consultations or services to test the water and fine-tune your ideas….

(c) Writer: a pen for future book-signing events, notebooks for jotting book or article ideas, potential markets for your work, a dream board to post sample book cover, character sketches, names of editors, agents, publishers and reviewers, people you can dedicate your book to, etc….

What “silly little gifts” will nurture your dream?

5 Flaunt it. It is difficult for love to flourish when it is kept under wraps. There is just something about love and passion that delights in being paraded for the world to see. Moreover, when love is hidden for too long, it loses it vibrancy.

In his song, Your Secret Love, Luther Vandross asks, “..why can’t we tell somebody, ‘cause secret loves never last as long….”

We may have valid reasons for hiding our dreams. Nevertheless, there comes a time when we must open the door and step out, arm in arm with our dreams. In fact, when we flaunt our dreams and show them to the world or just special people, we deepen our passion for them.

Have you been hiding your dream? Throw open the door and flaunt it – unapologetically and unashamedly.

6. Schedule regular date nights. Lovers can’t bear to be apart for too long. Even a short absence, is sheer agony. Relationship experts insist that one way to ensure the romance is alive and sizzling, is to maintain the old dating ritual.

Frequently, the reality of modern-day life keeps us from pursuing our dreams. Regular dates can help to revive the spark and inspire progress. Weekly, monthly or quarterly dates allow us to snuggle up to our dreams, review our progress, bask in our accomplishments, clear the air on our doubts, re-work our plan and sharpen the vision of our future.  

When last did you have a date night with your dream?

Our dreams will wither without our romantic gestures. Don’t allow yours to languish from neglect. Revive the love. Romance your dream.  


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