5 Steps to making a start

How often have you found yourself not doing something because you fear that you might not complete the process? How many times have you put off trying something new because you think you don’t have enough information, the right skills or resources to reach your goal? Maybe you have not started because you are doubtful how it would turn out. When it comes to your life and your career, the crux of the matter is not the end, but the beginning.

Often, people say that it is ill-advised to dive headfirst into a project. On the other hand, many successful people can testify to the fact that a blind leap of faith saved them from a life of wishing and made their dreams a reality.

We can cite all sorts of reasons for not starting something. Yet having the courage to take that first step on a new path is what opens new doors and opportunities for us. When we start something new, we can never be sure where the experience will take us. Maybe the path will lead us to the expected outcome, or somewhere else — somewhere new and more exciting. However, if we hold ourselves back from starting, we will never know what life might have held for us.

Is there something that you really want to do, but have been putting it off under the cover f excuses? Are you perched on the edge of the precipice of a new adventure, afraid to take the leap? Starting something new can be hard, but these steps can help.  

Step 1.
Be very clear as to why you want to do this. Are you doing it for yourself, to please someone else, or because you think you should? It is much easier to start something that you value, something that you’re passionate about.

Step 2.
Make sure that you have, or that you are willing to acquire the skills, knowledge, and resources you will need to successfully navigate this new adventure.

Step 3.
Make a list of the concerns you have and then from that list, develop a plan of action that addresses each issue and how it might be resolved. It would be beneficial to have someone with whom you can brainstorm ideas and solutions.

Step 4.
Share what you are planning to do and what your goals are with someone. Making other people aware of your intentions will give you extra incentive and motivation to follow through on your commitment. It will also ensure that you have support for the journey. Depending on what you are setting out to accomplish, you might want to think about finding someone you could “buddy” up with. It is much harder to back out of a commitment when you have another person counting on you.

Step 5.
Select a specific start date that will give you enough time to adequately prepare, but not so much time that you begin to over-think and over-analyze the situation.

With a prayer on your lips, and determination in your heart, make a start, take that first step. Jump into your new adventure, confident that you have dealt with the fears and excuses that held you back before. Then, settle in and enjoy the journey. 


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