Home and Happiness

Linda Binns is a Feng Shui Success Strategist. Her latest contribution at The Calm Space reflects my own sentiments about our homes, how we feel about our homes and how they affect us.  

Your Happy Home by Linda Binns at The Calm Space.


5 thoughts on “Home and Happiness

  1. Cheryl,
    Thank you for sharing this site with us. It is fabulous! I love the energy and content. May you have a calm and serene day…(at least tidbits???) xo


  2. Wow, one look at that gorgeous doorway on the link and I knew someone was happy! I like her idea of changing colors to change the mood of the house. That's why I like the seasonal changes in decor, when throws and blankets and pillows come out in the fall, along with different decorations, bringing rich, deep, comforting colors into the home until Spring, when everything is lightened again through the summer months.


  3. Joanne,

    Yes, that green door says it all. To the visitor – “welcome, come on in, relax and .” The homeowner returning from running errands or a full day at work, the door makes him or her breathe a sign of relief that means “Aaaaahh, home, my home, tranquility and happiness.”


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