Fuel for my passion, in my basket

Traffic jam preempted my trip to the Logos Hope. Passion nurturing wore different clothes – four hours sprawled out on my bed with netbook computer, books, journal, notebook and pens. My cat, Immi-Poppit, popped in every now and then to see what I was up to.

However, the ship will be here until October 14th. So as long as God spares my life, I have time to get to it before it leaves.

Lesson: Sometimes when we are looking to an out-of-the-ordinary “thing” to inspire us, the most inspirational “thing” is right before our eyes. For me inspiration and food for my passion lay in my computer and the books and stuff in my basket.


6 thoughts on “Fuel for my passion, in my basket

  1. Oh, Cheryl, I sooooo agree. Busy-minded me has a tendency to want to “fill” my day with what I “think” will be fun and relaxing, but actually it is just more “doing,” Does that make sense?

    Today is one of those days. After the hubbub of my husband's surgery, and sending him off to work today, I had a very long list of things I should do, as well as a nice list of what might nurture. Turns out BOTH felt completely overwhelming and I am opting to putz instead. Noodle. Throw in a load of wash, do a little blogging, straighten up here and there, and do a lot of nothing. I love how you chose to listen to what your heart was longing for which was gentle little “nothings.” 🙂 My heart today said, “too much!” so now I am listening…

    It continually amazes me how habituated we are….


  2. I hope you make it to the Logos Hope. I clicked the link, wow they're getting lots of books! Should be fun browsing. You mention your netbook here, and I see the photo of it. I've been looking for one, they seem so convenient to have, and easy to take anywhere! What brand is yours, and any suggestions or cautions or hurrahs you can share?


  3. Hey Joanne,

    Girlfriend, the Netbook is the bomb!

    They are pretty pricey at the computer stores. My husband bought it online, most probably from http://www.geeks.com

    It is a PEECEE Mini M2 Netbook and it is a dream to own and use. So much handier – lighter than my laptop. Still, would you believe I use all three?

    The desktop is in my writing space. The laptop stays in the kitchen so that I can write while I am cooking or doing laundry. In fact I use it during the day Monday to Friday as i have my granddaughter with me. It is less stressful to be back and forth so while she sleeps or amuses herself, I dark to the kitchen table. When she awakes and sees me there, she is more likely to not make a fuss.

    My netbook is primarily for writing curled up on the couch, on the porch or in bed. I use it mostly on weekends.

    Someone might ask why I need three computers. Well, I can't honestly say that I need three but I'm so happy to have them. Having three computers has really simplified my life.

    It's hurrah all the way Joanne. I'm sure you can get a good deal at Amazon as well.


  4. Thanks Cheryl. That's what draws me to the netbook, that great portability. I thought laptops started out with that intention, but they seem to be getting bigger and bigger, where you need a case to bring them anywhere. The netbook looks like you can slip it in your tote and you're good to go. I've been keeping my eye on a couple, one in particular has much longer battery life (about 9 hours), so I'll probably eventually go for that one. And I hear you on the 3 computers … Same here, and if one part of the house isn't conducive to writing, there's always somewhere to go. Have a great day, and happy writing!


  5. Yes Joanne, it's all about the portability. And you're right about laptops getting bigger. They barely fit on your lap. You should see the size of the bag I have for mine.

    Netbooks are the way to go. At least for now.

    Have a great day yourself. I'm about to have a mid-afternoon coffee. I'll toast to you.


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