We’re having a fun little one-week vacation in beautiful Tobago. The Crown Point Beach Hotel, near the airport and right on Store Bay is our favourite, so that’s where we are.

I did this sketch at the airport as we waited to board our flight.


Have I been maintaining my morning  journaling? You bet ya.


I also brought  a crochet project I’m working on; I call it a jellyfish bag. Can you guess the shape? Yep, it’s just a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants project.


OMG I never get tired  sketching the views here.  The hotel grounds are beautiful and meticulously maintained. It’s peaceful. Yes, it’s therapeutic. I love our early morning walks.



These are some of the sketches I’ve done while sitting on the balcony, overlooking the grounds, Store Bay and the ocean.



We leave tomorrow to head back home ☹️ and looking forward to our next getaway in a few months.

Sketch Journal 08/08/2019

Just two more days before we head out on vacation – our yearly August getaway. This year we celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

When I fractured my patella in January, we had to cancel our February vacation plans with our two older grandchildren. ☹️

They won’t be with us this time but they will be vacationing with their parents not too far away and will be visiting us at our hotel for sure.

Today is mending day, so sketches of my pin container and seam ripper along with a bent empty meds card.

Now, on to the mending….