Using my iPad; sketching my iPad

Although it has served me well, my laptop occupied too much valuable real estate on my table. Granted it was sleek and not heavy. Moreover, with it’s 17” screen, just a glance up from writing or sketching, I could see a link, some info, a photo or or watch a video with ease.

I have a smaller laptop, but it needs a new battery, which I planned to buy when I return from vacation in August.

Last month though, my husband gave me an iPad as an early birthday gift (my birthday is September 17th) and now the laptop sits in its case in the corner. I have no doubt that I’ll pull it out sometimes, because I miss it and I will want to switch thingS up every now and then and work on a larger screen.

It’s my first experience with an Apple product and it takes a little getting used to but it’s been fun and interesting exploring its amazing features. It would not have been my choice but the rose-colored exterior is growing on me.

Expanded online shopping in the time of COVID-19

As a long-time online shopper, I didn’t feel lost when COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown hit. In fact, I upped my game from buying art, craft, journaling supplies, kitchen and tech gadgets to include grocery items, toiletries, clothes, shoes, handbags. (and just about everything in between) online. And I’ve been buying most of these items from local businesses who have included online shopping – for curbside pickup and delivery – to their customers and clients.

I hope they continue because I’m really loving it.

So, because I’ve been getting quite a few home deliveries, I have a dedicated face mask that I can grab and put on when I hear that horn. It hangs on the back of a chair, which is just steps away from door. I grab it, put it on and then wash it as soon as I come back inside with my packages/bags.

30×30 Direct Watercolour 2020 Challenge – Days 29 & 30 (the end)

Day 29 – hose attached to washer.

Day 30 – grandson’s headphones.

HURRAH, I did it.

WOW this makes it three challenges in the last two months:

  1. A-Z Ways to Fill a Sketchbook,
  2. A-Z Food Sketches
  3. 30×30 Direct Watercolour 2020 Challenge.

Alrighty then, bring on the next sketching project >>>>>>