There’s no reason whatsoever ….

When I think about it and from my own experience, there is really no reason whatsoever to feel bored or uninspired when we look at a blank page in our sketchbooks. Really you guys, no reason whatsoever.

“Why” you ask?

Well, it’s because we have art supplies of course. Even if we would like to sketch something a bit more “profound” (for want of a better word at this moment) we could crank up our sketch engines with a simple or detailed sketch of one or several of our art supplies.

In fact, we could make it a part of our sketching sessions. Just open our sketchbooks, pull one of our pens, brushes, palettes, inks, whatever is sitting on our desks, and sketch it. Start with a simple outline in pencil or pen, then add colour or go right in with colour first (watercolour, ink, markers…..).

I’ve found that sketching one or several of my art supplies, even before I think of something worthy of sketching in my daily session, really kicks everything into gear.

So, to pick up on and complete the title for this post – There’s no reason whatsoever to feel bored or uninspired, because ……. art supplies y’all. We already know that we have more than enough to work with.  Right?

This morning’s warmup sketch