Monday Musings – When you look back, Ha Ha Ha! or OMG!

C.S. Lewis wrote:

“It’s funny how day by day, nothing changes but when you look back, everything is different.”

Have you noticed?

Now, about that “funny” –

*Ha Ha Ha?



Something quite different?

What kind of “funny” response do you have when you look back?


Tuesday Thoughts – An easy path may lead nowhere

Wow! This is amazing. I never thought it would be so easy and move so smoothly.

Is this what you’re thinking, as you move along that path you’re on?

Wait. Hold up. Think for a moment.

Great accomplishments, success and happiness usually come at a cost, leaving disappointments, failures, and life-changing challenges in their wake. So, maybe, just maybe, that smooth and easy path, with no setbacks, obstacles, stumbles, scars, naysayers, … (you know, those usual suspects) is a path that leads nowhere.

Maybe not but maybe, just maybe. Just think about it.

What you discover may cement your determination to keep going. On the other hand,  you may unearth things you never considered, things you over-looked in your excitement and zeal, things that inspire you to change your mindset, reassess your goals, reprioritize your plan of action, reevaluate what you may have achieved so far.

In the scheme of things, you have nothing to lose. This  Tuesday Thought could  serve as a pit stop to  reflect, reaffirm, reenergize and keep going. There is a chance though, that it could  be just the wakeup call you need to change what’s going on, what you are doing and where you’re headed.

Do I know what I’m talking about? You bet I do. We don’t always get it right. It is not uncommon to set out on a path without all the necessary info or the best course of action. That in itself may not be a failure on our part, we can’t see the future. However, along any path, it is wise to stop and survey the landscape of our lives, analyze the stories we are telling ourselves and weigh all the issues to determine if their are true, viable, beneficial, promising and leading (as far as we can determine) somewhere that we want to be.

So, do yourself a favour and think about that path you’re on.

Tuesday Thoughts: When those darn old memories return

That situation, that person, that old pain, that physical, mental or emotional scar – they don’t feature in our busy and  blissful day-to-day lives because we have moved on.

We bask in our personal and professional accomplishments, enjoy deep, rich and meaningful relationships, nurture our passions and pursue our dreams. Yet sometimes the darn old memory returns and we wince.

We know that we are not bitter. We know we have forgiven others and ourselves.  We feel sure that we have forgotten, until that unexpected moment when for no seemingly apparent reason – there is that darn memory rummaging through our minds, holding up long-forgotten images of broken promises, failed endeavours, raising the volume on discouraging or hurtful words said, and stoking the fires of bitter-sweet emotions.

After each episode passes, we recover, we breathe, we prayer,  we continue on with our current lives.  Ah yes, life is good once more.

But after each of these episodes, we are more acutely aware of how much that situation, that person, the barrage of hurtful words, that old pain and that mental, physical or emotional scar, we rarely notice, have changed us forever in some way.

Tuesday Thoughts – Each new day

I know. I know. Life can be difficult, relationships taxing, commitments overwhelming, future dim, mountains too high, oceans to deep, mind, heart and body running on empty,… Yeah, a whole lot of negatives.

But, but, but,

Each new day is a gift and another chance to open our hearts, to trust God completely, to be grateful, to love deeply and unconditionally, to work harder and smarter, to live mindfully, to show compassionate, to flex our creative muscles, to refine our dreams or dream a different dream, to spread our wings, … Yeah, a whole lot of positives.

What combination of promise and possibilities does each new day bring to your table?

Tuesday Thoughts: Character grows in dark moments

How we approach, deal with and survive our dark moments is a telling index of our character.

 It is natural to crumble when the darkness of trials and challenges descends upon us. We forget this truth – it is in the very pit of our darkness moments, when we are drowning in waves of  disappointment, failure, fear, heartbreak, despair … that we grow  and strengthen our character.

When the dark vicissitudes of life spiral around you, don’t give up. Hold on, look up, stay hopeful, be strong and fight on. You will survive and emerge with the strength of character that will enable and embolden you to chart your way through another wave of darkness – if and when it comes. Moreover, you will inspire others not to become and remain resentful, bitter and afraid but to grow and strengthen their own character as their navigate their way through their own period of darkness.

Tuesday Thoughts: Going it alone

It’s wonderful to have support from others. It really helps us to push the bar on our own expectations of ourselves, inch our way beyond our comfortable places and expand the borders and possibilities of our dreams. But sometimes we may have to go it alone – as our your own intercessor, your own muse, your own cheering section, your own mentor, dispensing the encouragement we need for our journey.

You’ll know when that time is upon you and when it is, although it will be difficult, set aside the feelings of discouragement abandonment and loneliness or use them to propel you forward. Pray earnestly and specifically. Draw yourself out of bed. Got off the couch. Pick yourself off the floor. Strap on your tool belt. Put on your boots. Crank up the motivation and determination. Whether you are beginning or continuing get ready to do what’s necessary to achieve the longing that’s burning a hole in your heart.